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Water Saving Kitchen Faucets

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Water is more than a resource. Green is more than a color.

Want to reduce water and energy costs when showering – and still have a great shower experience? Use our water savings calculator to find out how many resources you can save with KEMEN EcoSmart showers.

The water saved annually* by four people with EcoSmart technology could fill:

262 bath tubs

With that amount of water saved, you could theoretically enjoy a relaxing bath 262 times.

3,380 watering cans

With that amount of water saved, you could fill 3,380 watering cans.

2 swimming pools

With that amount of water saved, you could fill a swimming pool with fresh water twice over.

How to save water and energy with EcoSmart

With a sustainable innovation, you can save precious resources and experience fantastic showering comfort at the same time.

The secret lies in the EcoSmart technology, which uses up to 40 percent less water than conventional shower heads and kitchen faucets - and even up to 60 percent less with EcoSmart+. The water savings mean less heating energy is needed, so gas and electricity bills are also reduced.

Find your EcoSmart water-saving shower head

KEMEN improved many different kinds of shower heads and sprayers, including the shower heads and sprayers using on pull down kitchen faucet, black pull down kitchen faucet, gooseneck faucet, modern faucet kitchen, tall kitchen faucet, single lever kitchen faucet, kitchen faucet with side sprayer, kitchen faucet pull out etc.

Water is life and our passion. That’s why we do everything we can to protect this precious resource: with water and energy-saving showers, faucets, and technologies. Let your passion for water and this beautiful planet guide you, too. It’s a lasting, good feeling to contribute to the big picture. With every single shower.

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